Gait Analysis VS Biomechanical Abnormalities

Gait is the way or style in which people walk from one point to another. This covers regular walking, running, skipping, hopping or any other activities. Gait analysis is a way to assess the pattern of these activities to highlight biomechanical abnormalities.

What are Biomechanical Abnormalities?
To be able to move efficiently, one needs to be fit and free from abnormalities. Bodily joints must be capable of providing adequate movement and muscles should produce sufficient force to generate an efficient gait cycle. If the joints are rigid, it can be a constraint in the range of motion consequently weakening the muscles. Thus the body must find a way to compensate the problems, which leads to biomechanical abnormalities.

Common biomechanical abnormalities:

– Oversupination
– Overpronation
– Hip hiking
– Increased Q angle
– Pelvic tilt – can be either anterior, posterior or lateral
– Ankle equinus

These are usually caused by muscular imbalances. However, they can sometimes be caused by structural problems, like leg length discrepancies.

What is Gait Analysis?
Gait analysis is performed only by professionals. They are called podiatrist or physiotherapist. Experienced podiatrists are the next level physiotherapists with higher education and quality. In today’s fast and expanding world, gait analysis are also available with many specialist running sports shops. But experts suggest, that gait analysis must be done through certified professionals.

Gait analysis involves walking or running on a treadmill. In some cases the podiatrist simply watch the way that a person moves. It includes studying the hips, knees, ankles and feet. In some advanced modes, a video recorder may be set-up behind the treadmill, which records the film of your gait cycle. This movie is then relayed to a laptop where the podiatrist sees the pattern of movement in slow motion and freeze frames to carefully assess the walking or running style.

Runners, athletes and sportspersons who require a high level of workout and activity should make sure they have had a gait analysis and purchase the correct footwear to avert future injuries. Below are some of the common overuse injuries associated with poor gait biomechanics:

➣Plantar fasciitis
➣Shin splints
➣Patellar tendonitis (jumper’s knee)
➣Iliotibial band syndrome (runner’s knee)
➣Achilles tendonitis
➣Lower back pain

Gait analysis is important for every person whether or not he/she is a sportsperson or athlete. If you are looking to get your gait analysis done, make sure you do it from certified personnel.

There are reputed certified personnel in Perth who can examine and provide you with a comprehensive gait analysis report.

Podiatry Is Important For Sprinters

biomechanical podiatry
Going for a biomechanical assessment is very crucial for every sprinter or professional runner. Understanding the factors in sprint running is useful because of the critical value to performance. Significant factors include: technique, reaction time, force production, electromyographic (EMG) activity, neural factors and muscle structure.

The Helping Hand to Create Massive Force for Sprinters
At the beginning of the sprint run, it is important to produce great force or power and generate high velocity. During the phase of constant-speed, it is important to create increasing explosive power and efficiency to move further in the propulsion phase. This creates tremendous pressure on the foot and also the risk of severe ligament damage or injury. Sprinters are requested to hire a reputed and skilled podiatrist to get a service of biomechanical podiatry. It is an assessment of the total structure, its alignment and function of the feet and legs.

What does Biomechanical Podiatry Actually Mean?
Podiatric biomechanics is a particular sector of specialty podiatry with the help of licensed practitioners who are experts and treat the conditions affecting the foot, ankle and lower leg. Biomechanics deals with the forces that act against the body causing an interference with the biological structure and focuses on the movement of the ankle, the foot and the forces that interact with them.

Sprinters are prone to foot injuries and and can often develop a problem due to wrong stepping on the track. Going for a biomechanical assessment can help them to release the pressure and determine the problem coming later in the future. Therefore, it is also a way to create ideal sprinters.

Biomechanical podiatry is the best way to understand the pattern of walk or run and to avert future podiatry problem both for sprinters and general people.


The Basics Of Modern Data Centres

Modern Data Centres.png

The term ‘data centre’ is quite mind boggling and often raises eyebrows when heard. So what is it actually? Let’s break it down to simple terms. To state it simply, a data centre is a large group of networked computer servers used by an organisation for the remote storage, distribution or processing of large volumes of data such as images, texts, videos and so on.

For instance, Google is a website with trillions of pages indexed in its search engine stored in a server. Now how is it stored and what is a ‘server’? Server is a device or computer programme that offers functionality for other devices or programmes known as “clients”. In other words, a server is a computer connected to the Internet which allows remote computers to access data stored in it using a browser.

Now coming back to data centre – it is a space where many ‘servers’ are connected to each other forming a network to store data. It generally includes redundant or backup power supplies, redundant data communication connections, environmental controls and various security devices.

Requirements of a data centre

Data centres are set up using cutting edge technologies, ranging from high end computer servers, fiber optic cables for high bandwidth of Internet to generators for stable power supply, safety measures and maintenance.

Server Network Data centre servers can be broadly divided into two categories: production servers and backup servers. The production server contains the files and stored data to be displayed on a web page or application, whereas the backup servers keep a copy of the data from the production server in case of fail-safe incidences. If the production server suffers from any outage or loss of data, the backup server comes in to play to save the day.

Server Network

Fibre Optic Cables – The internet connection we use in our homes is quite different from that used in a data centre. Typical data centres require high bandwidth of data in order to operate. Domestic internet connection cannot handle this type of demands. To meet the Internet necessity of a data centre ideally, fiber optic internet cables are used.


Generators – Power supply outage is a very common incident and can be triggered due to a number of reasons. However, when data centres are concerned, power supply outage is not a thing that can be compromised with. It can cause server damange & loss of data, which in turn can result in loss worth millions. To ensure this never happens, all data centres are backed up by large industry level generators to make sure the machines keep performing even if there is a power outage.


Safety Measures – With such high power machines running, safety becomes quite a big issue. Any kind of short circuit can cause fire. Data centres have dedicated disaster management precaution for this. Starting from very basics like using data centre grommet along with cables, fire extinguishers to drills for averting any human disaster, data centres are well equipped.

In addition to all of these, data centres have a high level of security as well, in order to ensure suitable protection for the sensitive information contained within them.

Surprising Tips To Keep Your Desk Clean And Organised

Desk Clean and Organised

Whether you are working at home or office, it is always important to keep your desk clean, clutter free and organised. There are numerous benefits of keeping a desk organised. Less distraction, more freedom and increased reputation are some of them. However, the difficult part is to decide from where to start the cleaning process. But the task can be done easily if proceeded with systematically. Check out some effective tips of starting with the cleanup of your working desk –

1. Remove the unnecessary items – The first step of the cleaning process is to take all the less important things away from your desk. Have a look around the surface and decide what to keep and what not to. For instance, it is not compulsory to have calenders, food or photos on your desk. Thus, you can either remove them permanently or get a new place for them.

2. Use drawers – Using drawers is perhaps the best way to keep all your things in an organised manner. You can store all important working essentials such as documents, pens, notepads, folders, staplers, pins, etc. inside the drawers. Make sure to mark the drawers accordingly so that you don’t have any trouble searching for a particular essential when necessary.

3. Finish the projects on time – One of the common causes of a disorganised desk is unfinished projects. If a project can be completed within a day, then finish the work instead of postponing it for weeks. The more time you take to finish your projects on time, the more you have to suffer due to a messy working place.

4. Take care of the computer distractions – Tangled computer wires can create a messy desk space. Thus, it is recommended to use cable grommet to organise all the cables and wires of your computer system, printer or telephone systematically.

5. Store the documents digitally – As a business owner, you may have to store hundreds of contact details of suppliers, brokers, etc. Thus, it is not possible to store those hundreds of contact details manually in a diary. Even if you do so, it will become harder to find the details of a particular person when they are needed quickly. Thus, to rid your desk of so many papers, it is always advisable to store all the important contact details digitally.

So start arranging your desk from now onwards by following all the aforementioned tips.


Make A New Year Themed Animal Lamp For Your Desk

Make A New Year Themed Animal Lamp For Your Desk.pngFinally, it’s that time of the year when both Christmas and New Year are knocking on everyone’s door. People are busy wrapping up gifts for loved ones, and decorating their homes & Christmas trees to welcome the cheerfulness of the holidays. In the midst of all these, do you wish to create something unique? How about a beautiful animal shaped lamp for your home office or study desk? In this blog, we are going to teach you how to make one in some easy-to-follow steps:

  • First of all, you will have to install a desk power grommet in your table. It’s not that tough – simply buy the product from any good online store, make a hole on the surface of the table and then place the grommet inside it.

  • The next item that you will need is a stuffed animal, but make sure it is not made out of fur. In the beginning, you will have to create a hole in the toy through which a light strand would go, and then cut out its bottom.
    animal table lamps

  • Next, brush the exterior cover of the stuffed animal using a fabric stiffener (use one that does not stink). Once the stiffener dries, you can remove the stuffing from the animal and get a shell-like structure. But you have to do the task of eviscerating slowly and carefully.

  • Trim and level the bottom part of your stuffed animal shell so that it can straight on the table. Also, cut out a snip to make space for the cord of the light strand.

  • Make sure that the lights you use are LED and not incandescent, otherwise the heat generated by them would burn the lamp & might even create a potential fire hazard.

  • Now carefully place your lamp over the grommet that you installed earlier, plug in the lights, and switch on the power. If you followed the instructions properly, you would have a wonderful DIY lamp sitting atop your desk space. All you need to do is decorate your creation with ornaments of your choice.

Most of the items that you will need for making this lamp can be easily bought from any online shop or even a brick-and-mortar store. Don’t try to use the alternative of anything that has been instructed, or your lamp won’t turn out to be a good one.

The Editor: Five Quick Tips

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Piping Hot Off the Press, we announced our new post editor, one that embodies the excellent feedback you’ve shared with us about creating posts and pages on Today, we’ve got a few tips to help you get comfortable and productive in the editor straight away.

Autosaving: focus on your content

You focus on creating; we’ll save as you go. The editor autosaves ever-so-unobtrusively, so you can work on your writing and photos, distraction-free:


If you feel the need to save — you can. As soon as you make a change to your draft, you’ll see a blue Save link appear below your site’s title:


Calendar-based scheduling

Handy legend:

  • The light gray circle signifies a previously published post.
  • The red circle signifies the current date.
  • The dark blue circle signifies your post’s publication date.

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Different Types of Cable Grommets for Desks

Christofer-Odmark-deskA cable grommet can be defined as a ring or a tube which allows an electric cable to pass through. It is generally inserted in holes to protect, seal and improve the friction of cables that pass through the it, from any chemical or mechanical attack. Rubber and metals are usually used for making a desk power grommet. Some of the different types of cable grommets that are available nowadays include:

gr9207Round Desk Grommets : These are the most commonly used cable grommets used for commercial purpose. These are round in shape and come up in different shades and colors. The flexibility of grommets protect the cable from any kind of scrap like scratch or cut because they route the cable through a tabletop or desk.

Plastic Desk GrommetsPlastic Desk Grommets : The plastic desk cable grommets are built with a metallic or matte finished look. These are largely used for commercial purpose on conference tables or counter tops. Their metallic finishing look gives the office an enhanced look.

Metal Brush GrommetMetal Brush Grommets : The brush-lined grommets provide cables a safe & convenient transition point through the surfaces and prevent the cables from slipping out of reach when being disconnected.

Stainless Steel Cable GrommetsStainless Steel Cable Grommets : The stainless steel cable grommets are made with stainless steel. They are used largely in clinics, doctor chambers or hospitals. But you can also see them in houses as well as in offices.

Phone and Fax GrommetsPhone and Fax Grommets : These grommets are specially designed keeping in mind the phone and the fax wires. A tiny hole is done by drilling the surface of the desk in order to keep the small cable wires associated with electronic devices like telephone or fax under control. These are usually made up with plastic materials.

Slotted Hardwood GrommetsSlotted Wooden Grommets : These are unfinished grommets made with wooden materials like solid oak or maple. They are mainly used by those who don’t want to compromise the originality of their desk’s look. These can be easily installed in a desk without damaging its actual appearance.

Oval Desk GrommetsOval Desk Grommets : These grommets are larger in size in comparison to other common grommets. They give more space to the cable wires to pass through and are available in various finishes and two various depths to fit multiple desk thickness.

So, which kind of cable grommet are you looking for? There are a number of online stores in UK that supplies these materials at a very affordable price.