Surprising Tips To Keep Your Desk Clean And Organised

Desk Clean and Organised

Whether you are working at home or office, it is always important to keep your desk clean, clutter free and organised. There are numerous benefits of keeping a desk organised. Less distraction, more freedom and increased reputation are some of them. However, the difficult part is to decide from where to start the cleaning process. But the task can be done easily if proceeded with systematically. Check out some effective tips of starting with the cleanup of your working desk –

1. Remove the unnecessary items – The first step of the cleaning process is to take all the less important things away from your desk. Have a look around the surface and decide what to keep and what not to. For instance, it is not compulsory to have calenders, food or photos on your desk. Thus, you can either remove them permanently or get a new place for them.

2. Use drawers – Using drawers is perhaps the best way to keep all your things in an organised manner. You can store all important working essentials such as documents, pens, notepads, folders, staplers, pins, etc. inside the drawers. Make sure to mark the drawers accordingly so that you don’t have any trouble searching for a particular essential when necessary.

3. Finish the projects on time – One of the common causes of a disorganised desk is unfinished projects. If a project can be completed within a day, then finish the work instead of postponing it for weeks. The more time you take to finish your projects on time, the more you have to suffer due to a messy working place.

4. Take care of the computer distractions – Tangled computer wires can create a messy desk space. Thus, it is recommended to use cable grommet to organise all the cables and wires of your computer system, printer or telephone systematically.

5. Store the documents digitally – As a business owner, you may have to store hundreds of contact details of suppliers, brokers, etc. Thus, it is not possible to store those hundreds of contact details manually in a diary. Even if you do so, it will become harder to find the details of a particular person when they are needed quickly. Thus, to rid your desk of so many papers, it is always advisable to store all the important contact details digitally.

So start arranging your desk from now onwards by following all the aforementioned tips.