Make A New Year Themed Animal Lamp For Your Desk

Make A New Year Themed Animal Lamp For Your Desk.pngFinally, it’s that time of the year when both Christmas and New Year are knocking on everyone’s door. People are busy wrapping up gifts for loved ones, and decorating their homes & Christmas trees to welcome the cheerfulness of the holidays. In the midst of all these, do you wish to create something unique? How about a beautiful animal shaped lamp for your home office or study desk? In this blog, we are going to teach you how to make one in some easy-to-follow steps:

  • First of all, you will have to install a desk power grommet in your table. It’s not that tough – simply buy the product from any good online store, make a hole on the surface of the table and then place the grommet inside it.

  • The next item that you will need is a stuffed animal, but make sure it is not made out of fur. In the beginning, you will have to create a hole in the toy through which a light strand would go, and then cut out its bottom.
    animal table lamps

  • Next, brush the exterior cover of the stuffed animal using a fabric stiffener (use one that does not stink). Once the stiffener dries, you can remove the stuffing from the animal and get a shell-like structure. But you have to do the task of eviscerating slowly and carefully.

  • Trim and level the bottom part of your stuffed animal shell so that it can straight on the table. Also, cut out a snip to make space for the cord of the light strand.

  • Make sure that the lights you use are LED and not incandescent, otherwise the heat generated by them would burn the lamp & might even create a potential fire hazard.

  • Now carefully place your lamp over the grommet that you installed earlier, plug in the lights, and switch on the power. If you followed the instructions properly, you would have a wonderful DIY lamp sitting atop your desk space. All you need to do is decorate your creation with ornaments of your choice.

Most of the items that you will need for making this lamp can be easily bought from any online shop or even a brick-and-mortar store. Don’t try to use the alternative of anything that has been instructed, or your lamp won’t turn out to be a good one.