Different Types of Cable Grommets for Desks

Christofer-Odmark-deskA cable grommet can be defined as a ring or a tube which allows an electric cable to pass through. It is generally inserted in holes to protect, seal and improve the friction of cables that pass through the it, from any chemical or mechanical attack. Rubber and metals are usually used for making a desk power grommet. Some of the different types of cable grommets that are available nowadays include:

gr9207Round Desk Grommets : These are the most commonly used cable grommets used for commercial purpose. These are round in shape and come up in different shades and colors. The flexibility of grommets protect the cable from any kind of scrap like scratch or cut because they route the cable through a tabletop or desk.

Plastic Desk GrommetsPlastic Desk Grommets : The plastic desk cable grommets are built with a metallic or matte finished look. These are largely used for commercial purpose on conference tables or counter tops. Their metallic finishing look gives the office an enhanced look.

Metal Brush GrommetMetal Brush Grommets : The brush-lined grommets provide cables a safe & convenient transition point through the surfaces and prevent the cables from slipping out of reach when being disconnected.

Stainless Steel Cable GrommetsStainless Steel Cable Grommets : The stainless steel cable grommets are made with stainless steel. They are used largely in clinics, doctor chambers or hospitals. But you can also see them in houses as well as in offices.

Phone and Fax GrommetsPhone and Fax Grommets : These grommets are specially designed keeping in mind the phone and the fax wires. A tiny hole is done by drilling the surface of the desk in order to keep the small cable wires associated with electronic devices like telephone or fax under control. These are usually made up with plastic materials.

Slotted Hardwood GrommetsSlotted Wooden Grommets : These are unfinished grommets made with wooden materials like solid oak or maple. They are mainly used by those who don’t want to compromise the originality of their desk’s look. These can be easily installed in a desk without damaging its actual appearance.

Oval Desk GrommetsOval Desk Grommets : These grommets are larger in size in comparison to other common grommets. They give more space to the cable wires to pass through and are available in various finishes and two various depths to fit multiple desk thickness.

So, which kind of cable grommet are you looking for? There are a number of online stores in UK that supplies these materials at a very affordable price.