The Editor: Five Quick Tips

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Piping Hot Off the Press, we announced our new post editor, one that embodies the excellent feedback you’ve shared with us about creating posts and pages on Today, we’ve got a few tips to help you get comfortable and productive in the editor straight away.

Autosaving: focus on your content

You focus on creating; we’ll save as you go. The editor autosaves ever-so-unobtrusively, so you can work on your writing and photos, distraction-free:


If you feel the need to save — you can. As soon as you make a change to your draft, you’ll see a blue Save link appear below your site’s title:


Calendar-based scheduling

Handy legend:

  • The light gray circle signifies a previously published post.
  • The red circle signifies the current date.
  • The dark blue circle signifies your post’s publication date.

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